Birding Field Trips


Montreal area bird watching

for expert and novice alike!

Returning to base at the end of the day
Returning to base at the end of the day

Field Trips (half-day or full-day) are held every Saturday throughout the year (except in the Christmas/New Year’s period). Most trip destinations are within 100 kilometers of Montreal.

During the month of May there are usually two field trips per week to take advantage of the spring migration season.

During the summer months field trips take place most weekends. The destinations are announced a couple of days in advance on the website Events page, by special email to members and supporters and on the Song Sparrow email group.

All field trips are free of charge (except for parking fees etc.) and open to members and friends of Bird Protection Quebec.

For Details and maps of all scheduled field trips check our Events page or the Song Sparrow Newsletter

View the special field trips planned for the 2017 centennial year on the Centennial Events Timeline.

Advice for Field Trip Participants

  • Dress according to the weather
  • Dress in layers for cold weather
  • Wear walking shoes or hiking boots, terrain can be muddy and terrain uneven
  • Wear/bring sunscreen
  • Wear/bring bug repellent in late spring, summer and early fall
  • Bring extra socks in spring, fall and winter
  • Bring gloves even in fall or spring
  • Don’t forget a hat or cap
  • Bring a water bottle and a snack

Nice to have

  • Binoculars (Not just nice – highly recommended!)
  • Field guide (check out the latest phone apps which are a lot lighter!)
  • Birding scope