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One thing that birders always find useful, especially if they are only visitors to the area, is a reliable checklist of the birds that they can expect to see ….. if that bird on the bushes really, really looks like a parrot but it isn’t in the local checklist – well, maybe it’s an identification that you might want to think about some more.

The following links will start the download for you of the BPQ checklist in PDF format that you can print off and take into the field. All the options below contain the same bird species lists but they are formatted in different ways to give you the version that is best suited to your preferences:

If you would like a version of the Montreal checklist in the form of a spreadsheet that you can use to keep a record on your computer of sightings then we have two versions available for you to download:


The Montreal checklist is reviewed regularly and is based upon the reported sightings of many, many birders like you getting out into the field and noting down what they have seen. Your records, all of which are of immense value even if just from a walk around your local park or streets, can be reported to the Quebec portal to the North American central database at eBird





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