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The Song SparrowBird Protection Quebec SOng Sparrow Newsletter

The Song Sparrow is a newsletter/magazine published several times each year for members and supporters of Bird Protection Quebec. It is published in the form of an enriched and searchable electronic (PDF format) document that you can download from the website. This electronic means of delivery ensures that we have more dollars to spend on birds than on printing and mailing – plus members get an enriched newsletter with colour photographs, active links, sound and video files and more besides.It is prepared in landscape format to ensure that it is easily readable on computer screens and tablet computers without any need for the reader to scroll. It is, ofcourse, easily printable by anyone who prefers to read from paper.

An email announcing the availability of each new issue is sent out to all members. This includes a table of contents to ensure that everyone is aware of time-sensitive announcements contained within the issue, and a photograph of the front page, inviting you to download the file.

The latest edition and all previous editions back to early 2006 may be downloaded from the links on this page – useful if you have lost your printed copy and want to check something out.


Why did we move away from printing?

After very carefully considering the arguments for and against going electronic and ceasing routine production of printed copies we bit the bullet. Colour is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the benefits of switching. The costs of website and electronic distribution are very small and already budgeted for, so moving the Song Sparrow to electronic publication effectively liberates a minimum of $5000 for other projects each year. Over the first five years alone this gives BPQ an additional $35000 for conservation and research projects, something that has been be most welcome. Thinking of it in terms of trees, during the typical year we would have printed 48000 pages for the Song Sparrow newsletter alone. When we have the option of eliminating this amount of paper, as an organization whose mission dictates that we must protect birds and their habitats in Quebec, how can we not?