On-line discussion group


Keeping in touch with other birders

Our Songsparrow Web Forum has been in action for several years. It is actually simply a Yahoo ‘Group’ which gives us a meeting place and provides somewhere for an exchange of ideas and discussion between members of BPQ, other Quebec birders and in fact anyone interested in our birds and activities. Rare bird sightings are often posted here before anyone else has heard of them.

You don’t have to be a BPQ member to take part but, because we want to keep the hackers out, we do have to authorise applicants … a pure formality that is usally completed in a couple of hours. Subscribers to the forum can check posts at their convenience on the web using their browser or else you can opt to receive postings by email as they are submitted. A third alternative is to receive a daily digest by email – whichever option you prefer.

To join us on the forum simply visit this address and sign up – its free.